my must-have maternity coat

February 12, 2018




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If you’re in Houston then you’ll completely understand this post!  This weather has been CRAZY!  I literally keep a coat, scarf and a pair of flats in my car at all times.  You never know what you’ll need?!  That said, when you’re 8 months pregnant the last thing you want to encounter is a coat that doesn’t button over your bump.  I actually experienced this first-hand last month in Vail– and it wasn’t fun!  Did you know that they actually make maternity coats?  How adorable is this chic coat from Kimi and Kai?  It’s comfortable yet doesn’t feel oversized or like a ‘maternity’ coat.   I’ll get wear out of this coat both pregnant and postpartum.  My only regret is not having this piece in the earlier winter months of my pregnancy!


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