Hello, world! Thank you for stopping by Feather Thread. A little about me? A small-town girl with big dreams. While I wouldn’t change a thing about my Southern roots, I couldn’t wait to explore life outside the ‘409’. I signed with my first modeling agency at 17 and quickly got a taste for fashion. My first contract was in Chicago, The Windy City.  I quickly got the travel bug and began venturing out internationally soon after. Contracts in far away places seemed to attract me the most, with Tokyo being my favorite. I instantly fell in love with the culture, the crazy street-style and dire for self-expression. After more contracts here and there, I ended up settling down in Houston and calling it home. After college and landing my first ‘real job’ at a Fortune 500, I immediately regretted not following my passion for creativity. My heart has always been in style, art, culture and self-expression. I was lucky enough to get a taste of this through traveling + modeling, and from picking up a little photography along the way. Fast forward a couple years later and I’ve created Feather Thread as a creative outlet. With that said, I owe a big thank you to my talented friend + blogger behind Snapshots & My Thoughts, Ailee, who insisted I pursue this project. Feather Thread is a Texas-based fashion + lifestyle blog where I share my love for fashion, beauty, travel and life. Through this blog, I take you on a journey into my life and my love for creativity.


My faith has always been a major source of strength and is a reflection on how I live my life. The name Feather Thread came from one of my favorite scriptures, Psalm 91:4. The spiritual meaning of feathers can be seen in many different cultures, each referring to spiritual communication, and ascension to the higher realms. In the Bible, feathers metaphorically represent loving care and protection and as a common dream symbol, feathers signify the ability to freely move throughout life. Feathers can also represent a fresh start in a spiritual sense. I’ve always believed that in order to live a life of happiness, you must have a healthy balance of love, light, gratitude and kindness. So, here’s to discovering life and documenting a few things I love along the way!


love + light,



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